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Facilities and Services Offered International Students in US Flight School

Facilities and Services Offered International Students in US Flight SchoolAll non-us citizens interested in flight training in USA must go through an extensive application and registration process to receive approval for training. Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) was established in the United States to provide security in regards to the aviation industry. International students must provide proper documentation and follow a specific registration process in order for proper processing and flight training approval.

Note: No flight training allowed until TSA approval.

For complete information on registration process, visa and TSA application please visit http://www.flightschoolcandidates.gov

Security Awareness Training

The TSA rule requires flight schools and flight instructors to provide security awareness training to employees who have direct contact with a flight school student (regardless of citizenship or nationality) and to issue and maintain records of this training. This rule applies to ground instructors, administrative personnel, and current and active flight instructors. Whether providing flight training to U.S. citizens or aliens, all active flight instructors must complete the TSA initial security awareness training prior to giving flight or ground instruction. Source

Aviator Application for Training with a Training Provider in the US

Log on to the TSA web site and enter your User ID and temporary Password. The system will help you to create your own password (easier to remember for future access). Your personal control panel will then appear. Proceed to the personal information folder on the upper left window and click on it. The system will take you through a 9-step process for your application. Be ready to provide information such as:

  • Personal Information (i.e. First, Middle, Last Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Citizenship)
  • Passport Information (i.e. Passport number, Visa Number, I-20 or SEVIS number if available)
  • Pilot certificate information (if available)
  • Training Provider State: Florida
  • Training Provider: Ari Ben Aviator, Inc

It is not necessary to provide your Student Number, this is an optional field

List the following courses you will taking at the Aviator. You do not need to register for other courses, However you will need to submit 3 seperate training requests for the following Courses.

  1. Course 01 Private Pilot Single Engine / Aircraft Cessna 172 and Piper PA-28 $130.00
  2. Course 02 Multi Engine Rating / Aircraft Beechcraft BE-76 $130.00
  3. Course 03 Instrument Rating /Aircraft Beechcraft BE-76 $130.00

You will use Category 3
Provide copies of your passport and pilot certificate via fax or scan to the TSA (the system will provide contact information)
Residency and employment information for the last five years
Training provider information (Select Ari Ben Aviator, Inc.)
Course information and duration of training

Return to your TSA home page and scroll down to the bottom portion of the page. You will see a table showing the current status of your application.

Finding Flight Training Provider

Where you train geographically matters. As a student you should look for a flight school that is located in a place that has predominately sunny skies and low winds. Adverse weather is a major cause of grounded flights for flight training. Grounded flights will reduce your frequency of flight training and could cause you to re-train on specific maneuvers because lack of consistent practice. Additionally, it will increase the training footprint and prolong getting to a career at the airlines.

The airport on which the flight school or academy trains is also important. If you are looking to fly for a career it is helpful to train at an airport with a Control Tower and published precision approaches. You will encounter each of these on a daily basis in the airlines, so becoming familiar with them starting day one will help you down the road.
Facilities can make your time in training more enjoyable. Does the school have housing available? Do they have study rooms and computer labs? Do they have transportation from housing to the airport?

Safety is a high priority everywhere in aviation. Look for a flight school that has a dedicated team of mechanics and technicians to maintain the aircraft. Academy training fleets are flown hard and need to be properly maintained to ensure safety. Ask if the academy or school has ever won the FAA’s prestigious Diamond Award for excellence in maintenance proficiency.

International Student Services Department at Aviator College

The International Student Services Department at Aviator College provides guidance to international students. Staff members assist students in interpreting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations. Services include assisting visa holders with travel signatures, new I-20’s, social security and visa extensions, international student orientation, as well as other immigration matters.

The Aviator College of Aeronautical Science accepts aspiring International Students who wish to complete an Associate of Science Degree in Aeronautical Science.

The Aviator Flight Training Academy accepts International Students who wish to complete a certificate program /flight-training-programs/international-flight-training-program.aspx or earn specific licenses. The Degree Program will take up to a 24 months for completion. Students complete five consecutive semesters. The last two semesters contain an internship component. Interns are required to instruct a minimum of 153 hours each of the two semesters along with completing the General Education Requirements. Transfer Credit may be given for the General Education requirements and previous flight training completed. Send transcripts and copies of any current flight licenses to the Registrars Office for determination.

International Student Housing

Students entering Aviator College and European Flight Training, under an M-1 Student Visa must reside in the housing that is provided to them by the school for the duration of their program.

Students entering Aviator College or European Flight Training under an F-1 Student Visa must reside in the housing that is provided to them by the school for the duration of their ratings. Once all instructor ratings are complete, the student may choose to leave the school accommodation while they are in their internship.

Students wishing to bring family over during their program, the family must be on the appropriate M-2 or F-2 Visa if the student wishes to request to move out of school – approved housing. If any students have any special disabilities or medical conditions that require monitoring or special conditions they must have a letter from their doctor in order to request to move out of school approved housing.

Aviator College International Students enrollment Instructions

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