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Flight Training To Be A Flight Instructor

Flight Training To Be A Flight InstructorFlight training instructors have been in demand years, especially now. There are different reasons why people choose this career. Being a flight instructor provides you with experience needed to become a commercial or ATP pilot. Some are happy to stay as flight instructors and teach new pilot students how to fly the plane. Whatever the reason, it is a gratifying experience to be a flight instructor.

The road to become a flight instructor starts with gaining a series of pilot certificates. In order to obtain the flight instructor certification, there will be others that need to be completed in sequence to get to that level. While there is not a formal degree requirement for any of the certifications, the appropriate courses will need to be completed.

The first certificate is that of a Private Pilot. A candidate must pass the FAA written and practical test. They must also be at least 17 years old, be able to communicate in English and hold a current third class medical certificate. Typical requirements for the flight school portion will be 40 hours of flight time with the time divided between solo and dual flights. Most programs can be finished in about 60 hours maximum.

A commercial pilot certificate is the next step to become a flight instructor. One condition for this certificate is that you must hold a Private Pilot Certificate, and attaining a passing score of the FAA knowledge and practical test pertaining to commercial flight is also required. The amount of flight time needed is about 190 to 250 hours of total pilot in command time, but the amount of time needed to go through the program, excluding flight time, is around 90 hours.

The final certification is the Certified Flight Instructor or CFI certificate. A candidate needs to have a Commercial Pilot Certificate prior to taking the exam, and you can expect to take a knowledge and practical test, pass the Fundamentals of Instructing. The type of certification you get will depend on the type of airplanes you expect to teach. A general CFI, CFI Instrument Rating Course and CFI Multi-Engine Course are all available. Most students can complete their training in as little as 20 hours.

Renewing Your Flight Instructor Certificate

Flight instructor certificates expire every 24 months. There are many ways and options to renew Flight Instructor Certificate. The FAA outlines several opportunities to renew your certificate with and without additional testing.

  • Decide to take a practical test for a rating listed on your certificate or for an additional flight instructor rating. This test must be successfully passed.
  • Opt to complete and submit an application to the FAA showing that you have had at least 5 students endorsed for a practical test within the last 2 years and that at least 80% of those students have been successful on the test with their first attempt.
  • Provide proof that you have taken on the role as a company check pilot, company check airman, chief flight instructor or flight instructor or been in a position where you regularly evaluated pilots. This all must have taken place within the previous 2 years.
  • Take a flight instructor refresher course no more than 3 months before applying for renewal. Check with the FAA website for schools and locations offering such courses.
  • Provide proof that you have taken and passed an instructor pilot check from the U.S. Armed Forces.

Learning how to renew a certified flight instructor license before the expiration date is the best plan if you desire to continue your career for more than 2 years.

FAA Flight Instructor Training Package

If you are looking to launch your Professional Pilot Career as a Certified Flight Instructor, then Aviator has the Instructor Course that’s right for you. You will receive up to 120 hours of ground instruction under the supervision of a Gold Seal Flight Instructor. In addition, you will receive the highest quality flight instruction necessary to become a superior flight instructor.

Requirements: FAA Single and Multi-engine Commercial Ratings with a minimum of 15 hours Multi-Engine PIC time.
Our FAA-approved training curriculum for the Certified Flight Instructor ratings includes:

  • Multi-Engine Flight Instructor
  • Single Engine Flight Instructor
  • Instrument Flight Instructor
  • Up to 120 Hours of Ground Training
  • 21 Hours of Flight Training
  • Spin Training
  • Course Duration: two months
  • Job opportunities for those who qualify

$ 7,000.00

Contact Aviator
To speak with an instructor contact the college at 772-672-8222.

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