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Why Get Commercial Pilot License

Why Get Commercial Pilot LicenseA commercial aviation license is one of the most coveted and sacred certificates you can receive. The benefits and privileges are great and the responsibilities are enormous. Acquiring a commercial pilot license requires commitment but the payback is huge. What you need to study:

Aeronautical knowledge

A person who applies for a commercial pilot certificate must receive and log ground training from an authorized instructor on knowledge that applies to the aircraft category and class rating sought. This includes applicable Federal Aviation regulations, accident reporting requirements of the National Transportation Safety Board, basic aerodynamics and the principles of flight, meteorology including the recognition of critical weather situations, safe and efficient operation of aircraft, principles and functions of aircraft systems, maneuvers, procedures, and emergency operations appropriate to the aircraft, night and high-altitude operations, procedures for operating within the National Airspace System – and other important topics.

Flight proficiency

This includes preflight preparation, airport operations, takeoffs, landings and go-around, performance maneuvers, ground reference maneuvers, navigation, slow flight and stalls, emergency operations, high-altitude operations, and post-flight procedures.

Aeronautical experience

A person who applies for a commercial pilot certificate must log at least 250 hours of flight time as a pilot that consists of at least – 100 hours in powered aircraft, 100 hours of pilot-in-command flight time and 50 hours in cross-country flight of which at least 10 hours must be in airplanes.

Commercial Pilot License Requirements

Here are just a few of the basic requirements for the Commercial License.

  • You must be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English Language
  • You must be able to obtain a 2nd class medical certificate
  • You must be 18 years of age
  • You must hold at least a private pilot license
  • You must have received and logged the appropriate ground and flight training for the Commercial License
  • You must have 250 hours total flight time
  • You must have 100 hours flight time as pilot in command
  • You must have 50 hours of cross country flight time as pilot in command
  • You must pass the FAA Commercial Pilot written exam
  •  You must pass the Commercial Pilot Oral and Practical Exam
Flight Maneuvers And Procedures

Prospective commercial pilots must receive training on several advanced flight maneuvers before taking the FAA certification tests. Individuals learn emergency descent procedures, in which they execute banking dives to get to lower altitudes in case of aircraft depressurization. In addition, prospective commercial pilots learn to recover aircraft from aggravated aeronautical stalls and execute advanced aircraft maneuvers such as chandelles, which are high-power climbing turns, and eights-on-pylons, which are maneuvers that allow pilots to navigate solely by reference to the ground. Prospective airplane commercial pilots also need to receive some training in “complex” aircraft, which have retractable gear, constant-speed propellers and flaps.

Cross Country Flight

Individuals undergoing commercial pilot training must also receive training on “cross-country flights,” which are flights from one airport to another airport located at least 50 nautical miles away. During these flights, students must acquire knowledge on flight planning, fuel management, aerial navigation and air traffic control procedures. Before taking the FAA commercial pilot flight test, a student must complete a “long cross-country flight,” consisting of a flight to another airport at least 50 nautical miles away with a total trip distance of at least 250 nautical miles.

Benefits Of A CPL

Becoming a commercial pilot offers whole new possibilities for your flying career. Here are some benefits to deciding to pursue your commercial pilot license:

  • You can be paid for your flying time. On top of being paid for your flying time, you will not be paying for the airplane, but will be logging time in your logbook.
  • The skills you learn while pursuing your commercial pilot license will enhance your safety as a pilot.
  • You will be able to control airplanes with greater skill and accuracy.
  • You will be able to perform more advanced maneuvers and emergency procedures with greater confidence.
  • The skills you learn will prepare you to carry passengers with more comfort and ease, which is to their liking.
  • You will increase your knowledge and understanding of aircraft systems.
  • You will become endorsed to operate complex airplanes. (A high-performance endorsement may also be included depending on the type of airplane you train in.)
  • You will learn many of the regulations and requirements about flight for hire, which will keep you flying legally and in good standing with the FAA.
  • You may enjoy a decrease in your insurance rates if you own your own airplane.
  • You will be able to offer your services to provide scenic flights, photography flights, ferry flights, and crop dusting to paying customers. You can also work for a skydive operation with nothing more than a commercial pilot license.
Earn Your Commercial License at Aviator Flight Training Academy

The programs at Aviator Flight School are designed to provide what the airline industry demands of future commercial pilots. The training you will receive at Aviator is one of the most intensive and challenging programs offered in aviation flight training today.

During your flight training you will fly a total of 259 hours, of which up to 200 hours will be in a multi-engine aircraft. The ground school portion is in a structured classroom environment. As the shortage of pilots continues to grow, Aviator College is consistently meeting with major air carriers to determine the flight training and education that they require.
You will receive a minimum of 643 instructional hours for the Professional Pilot Program.The instructional hours includes all ground and flight training. 6 months of housing is included in the price of the program. If you come with a Private Pilot License 5 months will be included in the price of the Program.

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