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Choose Flight Training Program Based On Your Aviation Goals

Choose Flight Training Program Based On Your Aviation GoalsThere are four items to consider when choosing the best flight training program: hands-on training, equipment, admissions requirements, and faculty. A flight training program can be part of a larger college, but can also be an independent school. The best flight training programs are affiliated with the local airfields or airplane pilot training programs. In the United States, the military is a popular option for flight training.

Selecting the best school should be based on your own goals, achievements, and skill levels. Select a school where you will be both challenged and successful. The best school is often a matter of specialized programs, designed to provide additional skills or support. For example, the best school for someone who does not like crowds would have small class sizes and be on a small campus. Students who prefer a lot of social interaction as part of their learning process might benefit from being in a larger school, with a broader range of programs and students.

The best flight training programs have a wide range of equipment available for student use. This includes full- and half-size airplane models, flight simulation programs, opportunities to practice in specially designed planes, and other simulation programs. Check the average class size to ensure you will have ample opportunity to use this equipment. This is critical, as practical skill as a pilot is required to obtain a flying license.

In order to qualify for admission into a flight training program, you must have high school courses in English, technology, physics, and at least one other science course. Some flight training programs require candidates to pass a physical examination to ensure they are able to withstand the demands of this training program. Additional drug and alcohol screening may be part of the program, in the interest of public safety.

If you are looking at the best flight training program in the country or state, take note that the admissions standard is higher to reflect the increased demand. These schools often require students to have a combination of high marks and letters of recommendation from former teachers. It is important to note that being in the lowest quarter of your class at the best school does not help either your career or quality of education you are receiving.

Most flight training programs provide the biographies of their faculty or instructors on their website. The information listed typically includes the academic credentials, work experience, special training, and any awards they may have received. Investing this time will help you establish a professional relationship with your professors and may result in additional learning opportunities. Source Carol Francois

Degree and Non Degree Flight Training Programs at Aviator Flight Training Academy

For more than 31 years Aviator has been the leader in multi-engine flight training. We have provided over 5000 professional pilots to the airline industry, both nationally and worldwide, through our Professional Pilot Flight Training Programs. Our FAA-certified Part 141 approved flight programs provide students with the skills and experience demanded by today’s commercial aviation industry. Aviator is accredited by the ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges).

Our Professional Pilot Program is set in a flight training, structured environment to ensure the student receives the knowledge that is required to be a professional pilot. This program is from 0 hours to over 250 hours, of which 200 hours will be multi-engine time. The program includes Private Pilot Single Engine through the Multi-Engine Flight Instructor Certificate. Cross Country flying is coast-to-coast, if desired.

When you choose Aviator, all flight training is logged in aircraft. Our Flight Training Devices (FTDs) are used for ground training purposes only. NO FTDs (SIMULATORS) ARE USED FOR FLIGHT TIME TOWARDS YOUR RATINGS!

This “hands-on” approach provides the best flight training environment for pilots of the future. We encourage training in actual instrument conditions. Flying at the Aviator is 24 hours-a-day, rain or shine. Aviator flight training programs offer more actual multi-engine time than any other school in the country. Our fleet of multi-engine aircraft are equipped with GPS and are being converted to EFIS Systems (Glass Cockpits).

Come and take a tour and see the Aviator difference.

Professional Pilot Program
Individual Flight Training Courses
Flight Instructor Training Package

Aviator College Aeronautical Science Degree Program

The Aeronautical Science Program prepares the graduate for a career in the aviation industry by providing a strong foundation in mathematics, physics, aeronautical sciences, aeronautical technology, and the aviation industry. The graduate will receive an Associate of Science Degree from Aviator College with flight ratings from private pilot through commercial, with Flight Instructor ratings. This training is necessary to obtain employment, and by completing the associate’s degree you will set yourself apart from other applicants since a degree is preferred in the airline industry.

The flight portion of the program consists of 565 flight hours and more multi-engine time than any other college or flight school today. Our large multi-engine fleet is equipped with Garmin 430s, and ASPEN EFIS is being introduced. Our single engine fleet consists of Piper Warrior III with all glass (EFIS systems). Ground school is taught in a classroom environment.

The school’s 37,000 sq. ft. Administration & Academic training facility is open from 7 am to 6 pm daily. The Flight Operations building is open 24/7 daily, rain or shine.

Contact Aviator
Online Enrollment

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