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Professional Pilot Associations. Why Being A Member is Important

Professional Pilot Associations. Why Being A Member is ImportantTo be hired as a professional pilot you need flight experience. Your level of experience is based on the number and complexity of aircraft you have flown, the quantity and complexity of the flying you did (jet or propeller, day or night, local or cross-country, flying with visibility or flying using only instruments, etc.) and which crew positions you’ve held.

Most successful pilot applicants at major airlines have thousands of flight hours. Secondary airlines (regional or commuter) may have lower requirements.

Employment of airline and commercial pilots is expected to grow 11 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Regional airlines and low-cost carriers will present the best job opportunities. Pilots seeking jobs at the major airlines will face strong competition. Attending professional flight training exhibitions is essential for anyone considering employment as a professional pilot.

The Importance Pilot Networking

Aviation is a small world and the pilot group even smaller. It’s crucial to cultivate friendships with the pilots and other industry people you come across during your training and career.

Today, it also means being active on discussion boards (forums) online and staying informed of what’s going on in the industry around you. Airline pilot message boards have many active members whose combined knowledge is greater than any group of friends you might have. Ask questions, seek advice, and you’ll be farther ahead than most in your networking efforts.

For student pilots and CFIs, now’s the time to start! Have a business card made for yourself, and pass it around to people in the industry you run into. Have a short “elevator speech” that sums up the direction you’re headed. Something such as, “I’m building time right now flight instructing; looking forward to getting on with a regional. Eventually I want to fly for a major airline.” When others see your determination and goal setting, many will offer advice and even future job leads! Your enthusiasm will be contagious.

For those pilots happily employed, a great job today doesn’t mean you won’t need any contacts or help down the road tomorrow. Many pilots have been furloughed only to belatedly discover that they should have kept up with their old buddies at the other airlines.

A majority of pilot jobs across the country are filled every year by word of mouth. To stay ahead and improve your odds of finding good pilot employers, make every effort to get to know the pilots and industry contacts around you, and network like your career depends on it! Source

Professional Pilot Associations. Build Your Pilot Career By Becoming a Member

With a membership base of nearly 400,000 pilots and aviation enthusiasts in the United States, AOPA is the largest, most influential aviation association in the world. AOPA has achieved its prominent position through effective advocacy, enlightened leadership, technical competence, and hard work. Providing member services that range from representation at the federal, state, and local levels to legal services, advice, and other assistance, AOPA has built a service organization that far exceeds any other in the aviation community.

Membership Benefits
Whether you are a pilot, an aircraft owner, or an aviation enthusiast, AOPA provides the resources and support you need to sharpen your skills, keep informed, and stay connected to the GA community. Join AOPA today to enjoy all of the many exclusive benefits, services, and opportunities available to you as a member.

Members consistently rate advocacy as the number one reason they belong to AOPA—and with good reason. AOPA is on the front lines every day fighting to ensure that general aviation and the interests of our members are promoted and safeguarded at all levels of government. See how we advocate for you »
Visit AOPA website for complete info and details.


The Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) is the largest airline pilot union in the world and represents more than 50,000 pilots at 33 U.S. and Canadian airlines. Founded in 1931, the Association is chartered by the AFL-CIO and the Canadian Labour Congress. Known internationally as US-ALPA, it is a member of the International Federation of Air Line Pilot Associations.

Why Union

  1. ALPA’s Team Approach to Negotiations.
  2. ALPA’s team approach to negotiations will secure a better collective bargaining agreement for pilots, helping achieve cornerstone contract improvements in fair pay, improved work rules, and a better quality of life.
  3. Making Pilots’ Jobs Safer and More Secure.
  4. ALPA, the world’s largest non-governmental aviation safety organization, makes pilots’ jobs safer and more secure, in the air and on the ground. ALPA plays a key role in government and industry efforts.
  5. ALPA’s Voice in Washington and Ottawa.
  6. ALPA, recognized as the voice of airline pilots in Washington, D.C., and Ottawa, has established the rapport pilots need with members of Congress, Parliament, and other government officials — powerful people who make decisions that directly affect the airline piloting profession.
  7. ALPA’s Products and Services Gives Pilots Peace of Mind and Protection.
  8. ALPA, the world’s largest pilot union, is in the best position to take care of pilots and their family. With programs and products tailored specifically to airline pilot needs, ALPA provides products and services that independent unions could never match.
  9. ALPA’s Global Presence Benefits Pilots in Many Ways.
  10. Only ALPA, the sole representative for pilots in both the U.S. and Canada for the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Association (IFALPA), can represent pilots’ interests at significant international and regional forums — including ICAO, the aviation arm of the United Nations.

Visit ALPA site for full info and details.

The United States Pilots Association (USPA) is a “grassroots” organization of general aviation pilots, dedicated to protecting General Aviation in the United States. Please review our site to learn more about how we can help you protect your right to fly, while also enjoying the benefits of participation in our association.


The complex issues affecting general aviation in the United States point out the necessity of a firm hand in its constructive development. Such a force and influence is the United States Pilots Association.
USPA offers you the opportunity to belong to an organization in which you can participate, and help set the course for the future of general aviation in our country. By working together, we can be a strong and effective force in the struggle to keep general aviation alive and healthy.

Areas of activity sponsored by USPA include aviation safety, pilot education, airport development, pilot seminars, aviation legislation awareness, awards for pilot proficiency, and many other state, regional, and national issues in which USPA has achieved a strong record and played an active role.

Aviator Flight Training Academy

Aviator Flight Training Academy offers professional pilot training programs with a minimum of 200 hours of multi-engine time. The flight school has a state of the art 37,000 square foot facility, featuring a CRJ Level 5 Flight Training Device (Simulator), large classrooms and individual briefing rooms.

Contact Aviator
Schedule A Visit

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