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Commercial Pilot Training Programs

Commercial Pilot Training ProgramsA commercial pilot license is the first step towards an exciting and potentially lucrative career in flying and allows you to be pilot in command of an aircraft transporting fare paying passengers.

You must first complete your private pilot license before you can make the exciting next step to this qualification though if you haven’t already done this and your goal is to go all the way to commercial you can complete all the necessary qualifications, including your PPL (private license) with the same pilot training school in most cases.
The commercial pilot license is really the starting point of your commercial flight training. It has limited use and value on its own so to become employable to any degree and command a decent salary you will need to up-skill significantly gaining multiple extra ratings and upgrading your skills to Airline Transport Pilot (ATP).

Commercial Pilot Requirements
Minimum Eligibility Requirements:
  • Proficiency in understanding, reading, writing and speaking the English language.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Hold a private pilot license
  • Meet the requirements for aeronautical experience relating to the class rating and aircraft category you are seeking.
  • Complete and pass practical exam.
  • Pass the knowledge/theory test.
Commercial Pilot Single Engine Airplane Rating

For this basic rating you must have logged a minimum of 250 hours flight time as pilot in command. Fifty of these (or a maximum of 100 hrs in accordance with FAA Part 142), may have been completed in an approved flight training device or flight simulator representing a single engine airplane) that consists of at least:

  • 100 hours in powered aircraft, of which 50 hours must be in airplanes.
  • 100 hours of pilot in command flight time, which includes at least 50 hours in airplanes and 50 hours in cross-country flight in airplanes.
  • 20 hours of training on the areas of operation as listed for this rating, that includes at least 10 hours of instrument training, of which at least 5 hours must be in a single engine airplane, 10 hours of training in an airplane that has a retractable landing gear, flaps, and a controllable pitch propeller, or is turbine-powered, one cross- country flight of at least 2 hours in a single engine airplane in day VFR conditions, consisting of a total straight-line distance of more than 100 nautical miles from the original point of departure, one cross-country flight of at least 2 hours in a single engine airplane in night VFR conditions, consisting of a total straight-line distance of more than 100 nautical miles from the original point of departure.
  • 10 hours of solo flight in a single engine airplane, including one cross-country flight of not less than 300 nautical miles total distance and as specified, and 5 hours in night VFR conditions with 10 takeoffs and 10 landings (with each landing involving a flight in the traffic pattern) at an airport with an operating control tower.
Medical Requirements – Commercial Pilot

The medical requirements for a commercial pilot depend on whether you will be performing airline duties or not. For non airline commercial pilot duties a Class 2 FAA Medical Certificate (in the United States) will suffice, while a pilot performing airline duties will require a Class 1 FAA Medical Certificate (in the United States). If you require an aviation medical certificate or more information about each class follow this link to a list of FAA Medical Examiners and other information about each class of medical. The medical requirements for a commercial pilot are rigorous and particularly for any pilot wishing to retain an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (Class 1 Medical Certificate). These certificates are only valid for 12 months for pilots under the age of 40, and 6 months for pilots 40 years and over.

Commercial Specials At Aviator Flight Training Academy

The Commercial Pilot Special is for the student that is limited on time and budget. The training consists of individual 141 courses. Additional flight time is offered for the students that require extra total flight time. Training will be conducted in a college campus atmosphere.

The programs at Aviator Flight School Academy is designed to provide what the world airline industry demands of future commercial pilots. The training you will receive at Aviator College is one of the most intensive and challenging programs offered in aviation flight training today.

The school’s 37,000 sq. ft. Administration & Academic training facility is open from 7 am to 6 pm daily Monday – Friday. The Flight Operations building is open 24/7 daily, rain or shine.

During your flight training you will fly a total of 200 hours, of which 31 hours will be in a multi-engine aircraft. The ground school portion is a structured classroom environments. Aviator also offers a Aviation English Program to meet ICAO Level 4.

Please provide two weeks advance notice before arrival so that we may reserve your accommodations. An enrollment deposit of $ 500.00 and Visa deposit of $ 500.00 is required and should be submitted with the enrollment form. Payments will be made in three equal installments according to the contract.

* With the increase in airline hiring we are now including the CRJ Jet Transition with the Professional Pilot Program and the Commercial Pilot Program.

Part 141 Single Engine, Multi Engine Instrument Commercial Programs
31 Hours Multi Engine
Individual 141 Courses
200 Hour Program Part 141
  • Single Engine Private Pilot
  • Private Multi-Engine
  • Single Engine Instrument
  • Multi-Engine Instrument
  • Single Engine Commercial
  • Multi-Engine Commercial
  • 31 hours of Multi-Engine Time
  • All Ground Schools, Pre & Post Flight Ground
  • Cross Country flying coast-to-coast
  • All Glass (EFIS) Cockpit
  • Jet Transition Course

* $ 39,995.00

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