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The Importance of Professional Flight Training Exhibitions

The Importance of Professional Flight Training ExhibitionsA pilot certificate doesn’t expire, but to exercise particular flight privileges (to fly particular planes and to fly in particular conditions), a pilot must have certain experience or endorsements. This means that if you haven’t flown a type of airplane for a while, you can’t just hop in and take it for a ride. You must have flown a certain number of hours within a certain period of time or had a designated instructor evaluate you and sign you off as qualified.

To be a pilot for hire, you need a commercial pilot certificate. You earn your certificate by passing commercial pilot ground school and logging at least 250 flight hours, with allotted time dedicated to certain conditions and maneuvers. After you have logged your hours and passed your written ground school test, you will need to pass a check-ride. A check-ride is something like the driving test we take to get our driver’s licenses. FAA examiner asks you to plan a flight, quizzes you on aviation matters and then accompanies you on a flight. As in a driver’s license test, the examiner requests that you execute certain maneuvers and directs your flying throughout the entire flight. If everything goes well, the examiner issues you a commercial pilot’s certificate.

Additionally, a commercial pilot needs an up-to-date first- or second-class medical certificate, an instrument rating and a multi-engine rating. For you to receive a medical certificate, an Aviation Medical Examiner must verify that you meet the health and fitness requirements to be a pilot. You need to get an instrument rating to fly with low visibility (in adverse weather and in clouds). You receive an instrument rating by passing instrument ground school, logging a specified amount of instrument flight time (flying without visibility) and passing an instrument rating check-ride. To fly planes with multiple engines (most of the planes in commercial use), you need to have some lessons and pass a multi-engine check-ride. At some point, most airline pilots also get an airline transport pilot certificate. This highest pilot certificate allows you to be the pilot in command (the captain) of a large commercial aircraft. It requires that you pass a written test, have a first-class medical certificate, are a high school graduate and have logged 1,500 flight hours including 250 hours as the pilot in command.

To be hired, you need flight experience. Your level of experience is based on the number and complexity of aircraft you have flown, the quantity and complexity of the flying you did (jet or propeller, day or night, local or cross-country, flying with visibility or flying using only instruments, etc.) and which crew positions you’ve held.

Professional Flight Training Exhibitions

Attending professional flight training exhibitions is essential for anyone considering employment as a professional pilot.

The Professional Flight Training Exhibitions take place across Europe and brings together leading flight training organisations, flight training experts, aviation academies, universities and airlines, all under one roof, providing the perfect environment to discover if a career as an airline pilot is for you.

What can you gain by attending a Professional Flight Training Exhibition?
  • A chance to meet the training providers
  • How do you prepare for an interview with the airlines?
  • How to combine pilot training with a university degree course
  • What the airlines looking for in a newly qualified pilots
  • What should you consider before I start my training?
  • Will I be required to go through any kind of selection?
  • What are the costs?
  • When is a good time to train?
  • Air Traffic Control – Find out how to qualify as an Air Traffic Controller
  • A career in the military as a pilot: What are the options?
  • Helicopter pilot careers
EXHIBITIONS currently planned for this year:
  1. LONDON LHR 20 APRIL 2013
  2. LEEDS 13 JULY 2013

For full details on each exhibit, visit the source .

Professional Pilot Program & Commercial Pilot Program at Aviator Flight Training Academy

The programs at Aviator Flight School Academy are designed to provide what the airline industry demands of future commercial pilots. The training you will receive at Aviator is one of the most intensive and challenging programs offered in aviation flight training today.

During your flight training you will fly a total of 259 hours, of which 200 hours will be in a multi-engine aircraft. No flight simulators are used for total flight time. The ground school portion is in a structured classroom environment.
You will receive a minimum of 643 instructional hours for the Professional Pilot Program. 484 instructional hours for the Commercial Pilot Program. The instructional hours includes all ground and flight training. 6 months of housing is included in the program. If you come with a PPL 5 months will be included. Commercial Pilot program includes 4 months of housing, if you come with a PPL 3 months will be included.

Commercial Pilot Program

250 Flight Hours
Ground School Classes Pre & Post Flight Ground
Training in a College Campus Atmosphere
Single Engine Private Pilot
Private Multi-Engine
Multi-Engine Instrument
Multi-Engine Commercial
Single Engine Commercial

200 hours of Multi-Engine Time
Aircraft for check rides
Cross Country flying coast-to-coast
No FTDs (Simulators) used towards flight time
*CRJ Jet Transition Program
4 Months of housing
$ 48,855.00
4 Months of Housing is Included
Subtract -$6,100.00 if you hold a Private Pilot Certificate
$ 42,105.00
3 Months of Housing is Included

Enroll Now
Contact Aviator

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