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Aviator College Prepares Students for Career In Aviation

Aviator College Prepares Students for Career In AviationSolid flight training is the foundation of aviation needed to become a commercial pilot. Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology provides an opportunity to obtain the training necessary to embark upon a career in aviation.

All instrument time is logged in aircraft – No simulators are used for flight time. This “hands-on” approach provides the best training environment for pilots of the future. We also encourage training in actual instrument conditions. Flying at the college is 24 hours a day, seven days a week, rain or shine. Learning to fly in these conditions will give you the ability to fly anywhere in the world with the knowledge and experience required.

Aviator College invites you to visit our school, examine our aircraft and maintenance facility, view the many letters we have received from former students now “flying the line” with various airlines and speak with our students and staff. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible to prepare you for your education and future in the aviation industry.

Aviator College Degree Programs

Our Aeronautical Science Program includes 565 flight hours and more multi-engine time than any other college or flight school. NO FTDs (Simulators) are used towards flight time requirements. Our large multi-engine fleet is equipped with Garmin 430s, and ASPEN EFIS is being introduced.

The Aeronautical Science Program prepares the graduate for a career in the aviation industry by providing a strong foundation in mathematics, physics, aeronautical sciences, aeronautical technology, and the aviation industry. The graduate will receive an Associate of Science Degree, ratings through Flight Instructor Multi-Engine, including the ratings necessary to obtain intermediate level employment. The flight training sequence for this program consists of of four flight-training modules plus additional flight training as specified in each option.

Aviation Associates of Science Degree

(Flight Instructor or Flight Operations Options)

  • 565 Flight Hours
  • Majority hours Multi-Engine
  • Single Engine Private Pilot
  • Private Multi-Engine
  • Multi-Engine Instrument
  • Multi-Engine Commercial
  • Single Engine Commercial
  • Multi-Engine Flight Instructor
  • Instrument Flight Instructor
  • Single Engine Flight Instructor
  • Aircraft for check rides
  • Cross Country flying coast-to-coast
  • No FTDs (Simulators) used towards flight time
  • Jet Transition and CRJ 200 Full Panel Level 5 FTD training,
  • Eight months paid Internship – Earn a Mininum of $6,120
  • General Education Courses – 18 Hours
  • Classroom Environment – All aviation subject classes taught in our educational center, NOT online
  • Gainful Employment Disclosure

*Transfer Credit may be granted for general education requirements and flight licenses obtained.

To review the required courses and suggested order see the current catalog.

Why Choose Aviator Flight School For Your Pilot Training
  • Licensed by the State of Florida Commission For Independent Education License #4155
  • Aviator Flight Training Academy is a Division of Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology, which is licensed by the State of Florida Commission for Independent Education and Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.
  • 27 Years in the Flight Training Industry
  • To date, Aviator has trained over 5000 pilots for the commercial airline industry
  • Only School Offering 200 Hours of Multi-Engine Time
  • Aviator is the only flight school that has a full 200 hours of multi-engine time included in our program
  • No Flight Training Devices (Simulators)
  • FTDs are not used towards your flight time for any ratings
  • Approved by the Federal Department of Education to offer Title IV Loans
  • Aviator has the ability to offer students federal funding on approved accredited programs
  • Job Placement Assistance with Regional Airlines
  • Aviator offers job placement assistance for our graduates
  • “A” Rating with United States Better Business Bureau
  • Classroom Environment – All classes taught in our educational center, NOT online


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