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AOPA Flight Training Excellence Awards

AOPA Flight Training Excellence AwardsAOPA’s inaugural Flight Training Excellence Awards were created to recognize flight schools and flight instructors who contribute to an optimal training experience and encourage best practices.

The new award program, announced in January, is part of AOPA’s Flight Training Initiative, designed to focus on improving the flight training experience and ensuring that more student pilots are able to earn their certificates. It is overseen by AOPA’s new Center to Advance the Pilot Community, created to arrest a decline in the pilot population.

The awards were created to recognize flight schools and independent training professionals who put best practices to work every day. They will be given annually to flight schools and independent flight training providers who exhibit the highest levels of success.

AOPA (the Aircraft Owner’s and Pilot’s Association) meeting in Palm Springs, CA.

During the annual AOPA (the Aircraft Owner’s and Pilot’s Association) meeting in Palm Springs, CA, Summit Aviation was one of five flight schools to receive the Flight Training Excellence Award for Outstanding Flight School.

The award was created to recognize flight schools that contribute to an optimal training experience and encourage flight training best practices. They are based on AOPA’s flight training student retention research that identified 47 distinct elements that contribute to the best training possible.

Ben Walton, Summit Aviation owner said,

 “I am proud to accept this honor on behalf of our team of top-notch professional staff and instructors, and especially our Chief Instructor Janine Nunes, who spearheaded our growth with Montana State University and with the Veterans’ Administration, which allows for the training of Veterans looking to pursue a career in aviation to use their benefits.”

In addition to providing flight training for MSU’s successful Aviation Degree Program, which has experienced 75% growth in the past two years, Summit also provides individually-tailored flight training and specializes in mountain flying courses which are led by Summit founder and mountain flying expert, Ben Walton.

Summit flies state-of-the-art Diamond airplanes which feature the latest avionics, carbon fiber airframes, and highly efficient Jet fuel powered engines. Diamond airplanes have proven to be the safest training aircraft in the world with the lowest mishap rates of all general aviation aircraft.

Summit Aviation also encourages public outreach to build the flying community with summer day camps for students, the EAA Learn to Fly Day, and open house days. Summit Aviation is an FAA approved flight school, aircraft charter and sales company located at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport.

The AOPA award committee received over 2500 nominations for this award.

Aviator College Aviation Degree Program

Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology provides the most cost effective flight training programs and a two year Aviation degree in Aeronautical Science. The College has a state of the art 37,000 square foot facility, featuring a CRJ Level 5 Flight Training Device (Simulator). College student’s receive a minimum of 565 flight training hours in the aviation degree program. Graduates will have the opportunity to stay on as a flight training instructor.

Our Aeronautical Science Program includes 565 flight hours and more multi-engine time than any other college or flight school. NO FTDs (Simulators) are used towards flight time requirements. Our large multi-engine fleet is equipped with Garmin 430s, and ASPEN EFIS is being introduced.

The Aeronautical Science Program prepares the graduate for a career in the aviation industry by providing a strong foundation in mathematics, physics, aeronautical sciences, aeronautical technology, and the aviation industry. The graduate will receive an Associate of Science Degree, ratings through Flight Instructor Multi-Engine, including the ratings necessary to obtain intermediate level employment. The flight training sequence for this program consists of of four flight-training modules plus additional flight training as specified in each option.


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