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Factors That Dictate The Time Frame Of Your Flight Training

Factors That Dictate The Time Frame Of Your Flight TrainingTo take advantage of aviation’s rewards, you must make sure you get the good, solid information and aviation training that you’ll need to be a safe, confident pilot in the air. One of the most important steps in that process is finding the right flight school.

To begin flying aircraft, you must acquire pilot licenses and ratings from the Federal Aviation Administration. You must undergo a rigorous training program to earn your pilot licenses and ratings. Listed below are some of the factors that can contribute to the time needed to complete your flight training. (source)

Types of Flight Schools

Although all flight schools train pilots how to fly aircraft in a safe manner, key differences exist between the two primary forms of flight schools. Federal Aviation Regulation, or FAR, Part 141 flight schools are highly structured training centers with well-defined and FAA-approved curricula. In contrast, FAR Part 61 schools are less-structured schools without a defined curriculum. Although these schools often are less expensive for students to attend, they require individuals to complete more flight training hours than Part 141 centers.

Types of Pilot Licenses

Several types of pilot licenses exist, each with their own flight time-related requirements. A private pilot license is the most basic form of piloting certificate. FAA regulations stipulate that an individual wishing to earn a private pilot license must complete a minimum of 35 (Part 141) or 40 (Part 61) hours of flight training. Someone wishing to earn a commercial pilot certificate must have at least 150 (Part 141) or 200 (Part 61) hours of flight time, while a pilot looking to earn an airline transport pilot certificate must have 1,500 hours of flight time.

Time Frame

The calendar time frame it takes to complete flight training varies on both a flight school and individual basis. Part 141 training centers will often have a set time frame (typically in weeks) for finishing a training course. In contrast, Part 61 flight schools, due to their free-form training structure, allow pilots to work at their own paces. However, neither type of flight school can guarantee an individual will finish a training program at a given time, as each pilot learns at her own pace.


In addition to flight school structure and pilot learning speed, weather also affects how long it takes a person to complete flight training. Flight schools may only conduct pilot training operations, especially private pilot instruction, in good weather conditions. Low clouds, turbulence, high winds, rain, snow, poor visibility and icing can all halt flight training operations. A person training in a location prone to variable weather will need to allow himself more time than someone training under a similar program in a more temperate climate.


The time it takes to undergo flight lesson has a marked effect on a pilot’s training success in the aircraft. Individuals who fly daily retain a greater degree of flight-related knowledge and muscle memory, allowing them to finish their flight training in fewer flight hours than it would take people who fly once per week or less. Pilots who finish their training in less flight time also save money, allowing them to put their cash to other uses.

Why Choose Aviator Flight School For Your Pilot Training
  • Licensed by the State of Florida Commission For Independent Education License #4155
  • Aviator Flight Training Academy is a Division of Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology, which is licensed by the State of Florida Commission for Independent Education and Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.
  • 27 Years in the Flight Training Industry
  • To date, Aviator has trained over 5000 pilots for the commercial airline industry
  • Only School Offering 200 Hours of Multi-Engine Time
  • Aviator is the only flight school that has a full 200 hours of multi-engine time included in our program
  • No Flight Training Devices (Simulators)
  • FTDs are not used towards your flight time for any ratings
  • Approved by the Federal Department of Education to offer Title IV Loans
  • Aviator has the ability to offer students federal funding on approved accredited programs
  • Job Placement Assistance with Regional Airlines
  • Aviator offers job placement assistance for our graduates
  • “A” Rating with United States Better Business Bureau
  • Classroom Environment – All classes taught in our educational center, NOT online

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