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English Is The Mandated International Language of Aviation

English Is The Mandated International Language of AviationIf you are an international flight training student thinking about doing your flight training in the US you have some unique challenges. Location is very important when you are looking for a flight training school. Florida is a great place to earn your wings. The moderate and mild climate makes flight training a pleasure. The good weather allows you to log more flying hours faster, get your degree quicker and be on the way sooner to your new aviation career.
One of the problems that international (non US) residents have is actually getting the attention of the flight school here. The reason is that so many people are interested and so many of those people never start training. So this means that US flight schools have thousands of inquires per month and are not able to easily determine who is really interested and who is not.

Other issues that international students might face are dealing with the fact that in order to be a pilot all pilot candidates much read write and speak the English language. The better the English and reading skills the more money the student saves because learning is faster and not as much work.

Besides being able to speak English as with all international arrivals in the US, the student must get a VISA to enter the country and study. Plus, international pilot candidates must visit the Transportation Security Administrations (TSA) website and be approved to enter the US for the purpose of pilot study.

Aviation English and Testing At Aviator College

International students that are enrolling in one of our pilot programs and wish to increase their English to a level 4 (four) or higher, may enroll at our Aviation English Course at the same time. Research shows that students can quickly earn their ICAO level 4 (four) certificate in as little as one month, which could also reduce your cost in flight training. The course will consist of one month of training by highly experienced English Instructors and easy-to-follow curriculum. The curriculum consists of small classroom group studies, one-on-one instruction, data base and E-Mailing criteria.

As mandated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in accordance with ICAO English Language Proficiency Requirements, all pilots and air traffic personnel are now required to demonstrate English Proficiency according to a minimum of Operational Level 4 (four) standards.

Achievements of the Course
  • Improved student speech in an aviation setting through phonetic practice. (Study & Practice of human speech)
  • Improved student aviation radio communication through increased listening skills
  • Preparation to achieve a rating of Level 4 English according to ICAO standards
  • Strengthened grammar to make aviation communication easier
  • Increased student’s aviation vocabulary
  • ICAO Approved Compliant Testing on campus

Why Choose Aviator English
  • In house Testing
  • Pickup to and from Orlando or Palm Beach International Airports.
  • Sunny Florida USA
  • 2 Miles from the ocean
  • Learning in an Aviation Atmosphere
  • Flight Training if needed FAA & JAA
  • Save money and time
  • Personalized Instruction for Each Student
Benefits Of Aviation English Program
  • Increase your ability to get a great job in Aviation
  • Train with Higly skilled Native American English speaking instructors
  • Learn easily in a small class size
  • Prepare yourself to take the ICAO approved exam
  • Ensure safety through good English communication skills
  • Test on site to receive your ICAO certificate
  • Feel confident in your ability to communicate in Aviation English
  • Earn your ICAO Level 4 Certificate.
  • The students that achieve level 4 proficiency or higher will recieve and English Proficiency certificate. The certificate showing ICAO level 4 ( four) standards will be valid for 3 (three) years. Students that achieve ICAO level 5 (five) or higher the certificate will be valid for 6 (six) years.
Aviation English Program Cost

* Program Cost $1,950.00 includes testing.

** Students that might need additional classes will be billed at a reduced price.

*** Students that believe their English level meets ICAO level 4(four) standards may test upon arrival. $ 550.00 for testing.

For further information contact Michelle in the Aviation English Department.
(772) 466-4822 x 134 or E-Mail mhaworth@aviator.edu
* You must be fluent in the English language to join this program

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