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Top Paying Jobs in Aviation Industry

Top Paying Jobs in Aviation IndustryThe airline industry has been going through a rough transition for years now. From buttoned-down security to sky-high gas prices, it’s been a bumpy ride. Still, the fact remains that people want to travel and there are plenty of jobs available at airlines, airports, airplane companies and security organizations around the globe. Where might your talents fit into the aviation industry?

Many people wish for the glamorous lifestyle and income of a pilot. But, do pilots always wear crisp uniforms and make the big bucks? Not necessarily, according to Al Lee, director of quantitative analysis at online salary database PayScale. He says, “There’s a huge variation in pay depending on whether you’re flying a float plane for a regional commuter company or flying 747s for United. Regional airlines sometimes pay $20 per hour and only when the engine is on.” Lee says that with only 1000 hours of engine time a year, that hourly rate can come close to minimum wage.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait to fly jumbo jets if want to work in aviation. In fact, if you like doing math, mechanical work or security tasks, here are some in-demand job options, that are also some of the best-paid in the industry, according to PayScale.

1. Director of Aerospace Program Management

Median Annual Salary: $151,000

Directors are involved in developing the company’s business strategy, negotiating contracts to build aircraft and taking responsibility for company profitability.

2. Airline Pilot, Copilot or Flight Engineer

Median Annual Salary: $117,000

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), about 34 percent of commercial pilots use their time in the air to dust crops, test planes, monitor traffic, fight fires and perform other non-typical functions.

3. Aerospace Project Engineer

Median Annual Salary: $82,000

An aerospace project engineer must not only understand the ins and outs of aerospace engineering, but they must have the personal and organizational skills to lead a team through a project.

4. Aircraft Maintenance Manager

Median Annual Salary: $74,200

A maintenance manager is a knowledgeable professional who ensures that their teams perform maintenance regularly and according to regulatory guidelines. The manager schedules a staff of technicians and likely does much of the hiring and training of their team.

5. Air Traffic Controller

Median Annual Salary: $62,500

6. Sky Marshal or Air Marshal

Median Annual Salary: $62,100

Air marshals are employed by the federal government to guard against attacks targeting U.S. aircraft, passengers and crew. According to the Transportation Security Administration’s website, air marshals may have the unique challenge of working independently, without back up.

7. Airplane Inspector

Median Annual Salary: $60,600

Airplane inspectors enjoy greater job security because the work they do is, and likely always will be, required by the FAA. Airlines must have them around to regularly inspect the planes after any maintenance, repairs or overhauls.

8. Aircraft Mechanic

Median Annual Salary: $50,500

Many mechanics specialize in preventative airplane maintenance, though they also do repairs. While some mechanics learn their skills on the job, most attend an FAA-approved school, of which there are 170 in the US. Jobs with major airlines are the most competitive because they offer the best pay and benefits.

9. Avionics Technician

Median Annual Salary: $49,300

An avionics technician works on the components used for aircraft navigation and radio communications, weather radar systems, and other instruments and computers. They often must solve complex electrical problems and can work odd hours depending when their expertise is called upon.

10. Aircraft Loadmaster

Median Annual Salary: 40,900

The loadmaster mathematically preplans the correct placement of passengers and cargo on the airplane so that the plane can take off and land safely. In the military, loadmasters often fly with the plane so that they can prepare it for its next leg of the journey. Commercial airlines often hire a similar position, called a load planner, which does not require flying on the plane.

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