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Aviation Colleges and Degree Programs

Aviation Colleges and Degree ProgramsAviation colleges offer classes and training for all things flying related. There is a large variety of different degrees offered, from undergraduate certificates to master’s degrees. These degrees can be used for all sorts of careers. In addition to regular classroom study, most of the aviation programs also offer practical lessons and hands on experiences in the field.

What to Look for in an Aviation College

The first step in finding a college is searching for one which offers the correct program. That includes the right training for the desired career, as well as the correct degree level. Practical concerns, like location and cost, should be considered as well. Last but not least, look for aviation colleges that are rated well by students and employers, and that offer the best training possible. Choose regionally accredited colleges with aviation programs that include training for the career you want. If air traffic control or flying are among your serious interests, be sure to choose a program that meets FAA guidelines. The FAA may even have certified it as a ‘Collegiate Training Initiative’ program.

Available Degrees

Aviation colleges typically offer certification programs as well as a degree oriented programs. Degrees are available at the associate’, bachelor’s and masters level, and are typically given in the sciences. Which degrees are being offered typically depends on the job being pursued and/or the college.

For students interested in flying, an associates degree is the way to go because it’s the minimum most airlines look for when hiring. While you’ll need to complete at least 250 hours in-flight, the Aviation major also includes classroom instruction in FAA regulations, aviation meteorology, aircraft operations and more. Associates degrees are also available for students who prefer to stay on the ground with careers in air traffic control and airport management.

Some professions legally require certification, which is usually granted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Most jobs in the field of aviation do not require a degree, but many employers prefer to hire applicants who have completed some form of higher education.

Job Options for Graduates of Aviation Colleges

The most basic training offered at aviation colleges is flight lessons, which teach students the skills necessary to become a pilot, copilot, or flight engineer. Students can learn to fly aircrafts of all sizes, from helicopters to commercial jets, and to handle a plane in the scariest of conditions. There are also job and training options for those who are fascinated by airplanes but dont enjoy flying. Students can train in field such as aviation safety and management, airport management, or air traffic control.

Finding the right aviation college can take on you on an important journey in your aviation career. Do your research, ask attending students, get advise from pilots and pilot associations.

2-Year Associate’s Degrees in Aviation from Aviator College

Jump Start Your Career With Flight Training and an A.S. Degree from Aviator College 565 Flight Hours. Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology provides the most cost effective flight training programs and a two year Aviation degree in Aeronautical Science. The College has a state of the art 37,000 square foot facility, featuring a CRJ Level 5 Flight Training Device (Simulator). College student’s receive a minimum of 565 flight training hours in the aviation degree program. Graduates will have the opportunity to stay on as a flight training instructor.

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