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Pilot Ground School

Pilot Ground SchoolMost airports have facilities for flight training conducted by flight schools or individual flight instructors. A school will usually provide a wide variety of training material, special facilities, and greater flexibility in scheduling. Many colleges and universities also provide flight training as a part of their curricula. This article will cover pilot ground school.

In pilot training, ground school refers to the instruction that a future pilot receives in a classroom setting, as opposed to the cockpit of an airplane. Pilot ground school offers pilots essential instrument and safety training that is absolutely necessary when flying.

Private Pilot Ground School

Private pilots fly strictly for personal use. Students are instructed about aerodynamics and control of an airplane. The engine, structure and instruments are reviewed and described in detail, often while viewing them directly. The basics of weather theory and interpretation are also studied. FAA regulations are given special attention, as the future pilot will later need to pass the FAA test to receive a private pilot license. Instruction on air traffic control procedures will prepare the pilot for smooth takeoffs and landings.

Flight Fitness and GPS Navigation

Private pilot ground school goes over health considerations and flight fitness. Pilots learn about common pilot errors and how to make safe and accurate decisions. Proper radio communication is also considered in detail. Radio and GPS navigation are essential in helping pilots reach their flight destination. Airspace, security, flight planning and chart interpretation are other critical subjects considered in the private pilot ground school course.

Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot Ground School

After becoming a private pilot, many choose to study instrument flight rules (IFR) and become IFR certified. This certification allows them to fly at night and in most types of weather, as IFR flying relies heavily on the use of airplane instruments and not on visibility. Commercial pilot ground school trains pilots about the specific practical, operation and regulatory issues they face.

Other Training

Pilots may seek ground school training for specific types of aircrafts. Some pilots only learn to fly single-engine airplanes, while others learn to fly multi-engine planes. Commercial training in jets, helicopters and other airplanes is also available. Private pilot training ground schools generally include about 45 hours of training, and are broken up into a variety of schedules. The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time as a student pilot before qualifying to take the private pilot practical test.

Pilot Training Program With Aviator Flight Training Academy 259 Flight Hours

Aviator Flight Training Academy offers professional pilot training programs with a minimum of 200 hours of multi-engine time. The flight school has a state of the art 37,000 square foot facility, featuring a CRJ Level 5 Flight Training Device (Simulator), large classrooms and individual briefing rooms.

Our Professional Pilot Program is set in a flight training, structured environment to ensure the student receives the knowledge that is required to be a professional pilot. This program is from 0 hours to over 250 hours, of which 200 hours will be multi-engine time. The program includes Private Pilot Single Engine through the Multi-Engine Flight Instructor Certificate. Cross Country flying is coast-to-coast, if desired.

When you choose Aviator, all flight training is logged in aircraft. Our Flight Training Devices (FTDs) are used for ground training purposes only.


Contact Aviator today to learn about flight training programs or schedule a visit today.

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