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Flight Instructor Jobs At Flight Training Centers and Academies

Flight Instructor Jobs At Flight Training Centers and AcademiesFlight instructors are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, to give flight and ground training to pilots. Certified flight instructors, commonly known in the aviation industry as CFIs, are employed by many institutions including universities, flight training centers and aircraft manufacturers. CFI salaries vary widely based on employer and location.

Certified Flight Instructors, or CFIs, teach students how to fly an airplane. CFIs offer instruction on private piloting, instrument and commercial training and ground instruction. They also perform FAA-regulated flight check outs and proficiency checks. Depending upon the level of training, a CFI can teach either single- or multi-engine courses as well.

Becoming A Flight Instructor

Before you can begin training for certification as a flight instructor, you’ll need to hold a valid commercial pilot certificate and a current medical certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Below you will find some instructions and guidelines on how to become a flight instructor (source: ehow).

Complete private pilot training and obtain your private pilot license. To complete this training, you must be at least 17 years old at the time of your FAA check ride for this license. You must also pass a medical exam, knowledge exam, practical flight and oral exam and meet the flight requirements demonstrating your ground course experience, solo flight capabilities and cross-country flying, all under visual flight rules (VFR).

Obtain your instrument rating. For this rating, you learn to fly using instrument flight rules (IFR) so that you may fly in less then favorable weather such as rain showers, low visibility and foggy conditions. You learn how to conduct an IFR approach into an airport for landing the airplane.

Become a commercial pilot. This license allows you to fly for hire, unlike a private pilot who may only fly for leisure purposes. In addition to having your private pilot license with instrument rating, you must pass a second-class medical exam and be at least 18 years old with 250 hours of total flight time. Of that time, you must meet the 10-hour multi-engine flight time if you plan to fly multi-engine aircraft for hire, meet the requirements for cross-country time and pilot in command (PIC) time. Like the private license, you must also pass a practical flight and oral exam, as well as a knowledge exam.

Take a CFI course, which includes a curriculum on how to fly the airplane from the right, or instructor’s seat, while teaching the fundamentals of piloting to a student. CFI courses include extensive training on the responsibility of teaching a student while maintaining safety at all times. This course also explains flight techniques, calmly correcting errors and encouraging students’ learning.

Maintain CFI performance and medical status in accordance to FAA regulations.

Flight Instructor Careers

University Instructor

Several universities in the United States have aviation programs, and these colleges frequently hire flight instructors to train aviation students. In addition to providing flight instruction, CFIs may also teach classes or offer tutoring sessions. In order to teach flight at a university, a CFI license, bachelor’s degree in aviation or a related field, and industry experience is necessary.

Flight Training Center Instructor

Many CFIs find employment at flight schools located at general aviation airports. These flight schools can be small, family-owned operations or large training centers that produce hundreds of pilots per year. CFIs give flight and ground instruction, and may also teach classes. Requirements vary for instructor positions at flight schools; generally, a CFI certificate with an instrument rating is all that is required. A multi-engine instructor rating is desirable.

Airline Manufacturer Instructor

Many CFIs find employment at aircraft manufacturers, where they teach aircraft owners how to fly their new aircraft. Generally, in addition to CFI and instrument instructor ratings, aircraft manufacturer instructors need flight time in the type of aircraft that the manufacturer makes, as well as a type rating in that aircraft, if applicable. (source)

Flight Instructors at Aviator Flight Training Academy

Faculty and Flight Training Instructors are hired directly from the ranks of our graduating student population and have more than 200 hours of multi-engine flight time. The Faculty at Aviator College hold a minimum of a Bachelors Degree and teach all flight training, classroom based courses. The Academy Flight Instructors are hired directly from the ranks of Aviator graduates. The Flight Training Instructors work one-on-one with their students in the air. Students often complete the entire program with the same Flight Training Instructor, which allows them to find a comfortable relationship and learn faster.

Flight Training Instructors are available to fly with students 24 hours-a-day, rain or shine. We encourage our Flight Training Instructors to provide actual instrument flight time with their students whenever possible to gain real-world experience. Our Flight Training Instructors continue to grow in their skills while flying in the high density traffic operations of Florida’s airspace.

We average a 90-100% employment as most stay on with us as flight instructors. In the degree program you will immediately establish an employment history as your last two semesters include a paid internship as an instructor. Our US students, usually stay on with us for 6 months to a year until they have earned the hours that they need to apply with the company they are interested in. We’ve also started developing more relationships with Regionals, like GoJet and Compass, and are working on some agreements with them for some interviewing and student hiring.

To speak with an instructor contact the college at 772-672-8222.

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