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Making Flight Training Affordable

Making Flight Training AffordableGetting a private pilot’s license can be expensive and generally runs over $10,000. The choices flight training students make can reduce the costs, including flying a less expensive plane or signing up with a school where you can do much of the bookwork on your own without the expensive help of an instructor. Ensuring you have the time to take lessons at least once a week is another crucial factor in the cost.

In most cases your Private Pilot Training will take somewhere around two or three months. You can do an accelerated training course that you can complete in as little as 3 weeks or so. There are things that will hold you back if you aren’t prepared.

The basic set rule is that you must at least clock 40 hours of basic training. These 40 hours will include learning night flying, dual instruction, solo cross country flying and instrument learning. You need to know that 40 hours is the minimal you can get. The amount of time spent on training might depend on the schools regulations, how you perform in the various tests, among other factors. A good lesson will also vastly invest in ground instruction training. You need to note that flying is not all there is with private piloting; you also have to learn the art of communication.

Reduce Your Flight Training Expenses

Outlined below are some tips on how you can reduce your flight training expenses, written by Jane Doyle.

1. FAA School Part Programs

Choose a school that lets you do most of the bookwork on your own rather than having to pay upward of $50 an hour for ground school instruction. Part 141 schools are FAA certified and require more ground school instruction hours. Part 61 schools are more lax and allow students to do most of the bookwork on their own, only paying for actual flight instruction time. Some Flight 141 schools allow students to operate under Part 61 rules.

2. Aircraft Use

Choose smaller, less expensive planes to learn in. A Cessna 152 costs generally about $70 an hour to use during instruction, according to Flight School Blog. A Cessna 172, however, costs $109 an hour. Because the minimum number of flight instruction hours required by the FAA is 40, that’s a savings of nearly $3,000.

3. Commitment

Commit to getting your license as quickly as possible. Many would-be pilots take classes in their spare time, meaning much is forgotten in between lessons and must be repeated. This can increase the cost of getting a license. Flight School Blog recommends you not let more than a week pass from one lesson to the next in order to get the best value.

4. Study hard.

Take responsibility for understanding and retaining the written information and instructions you have and replaying and practicing any lessons you learned while flying. The better student you are, the more quickly and less expensively you will be able to get your license. Since you legally can take your flight test after 40 hours, for example, if you work hard and study between classes, you may actually take it then, rather than

Loans and Financing for Flight Training

There are many options available. Here is a quick summary on how you can get financing for your flight school training.

  • FAFSA – or Free Application for Federal Student Aid – is the first step in the financial aid process. Use it to apply for federal student financial aid, such as the Pell Grant, student loans, and college work-study.
  • Federal Stafford Loans (FFEL): Amounts may vary each year and are dependent on need and the grade year of the student.
  • Federal Direct Loans: Amounts may vary each year and are dependent on need and the grade year of the student.
  • Federal Perkins Loan: This low-interest loan is dependent on availability of funds each year and must be repaid to the flight school you are attending.
  • Career Education Loans
Financing at Aviator College

Private Educational Loans are available for all of the programs offered at Aviator Academy. The relationships we have established with our lenders offer our students the best suitable financial assistance for their individual needs

Veterans Benefits

Approved for Post 9/11 Chapter 33 Benefits – Full funding available for tuition and flight training.

Aviator is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). We are approved by the Federal Department of Education to offer low interest Federal Student Loans to students who qualify. These loans are available for students enrolled in our Professional Pilot Program, Commercial Pilot Program, and Veterans Professional Pilot Program.

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