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Pilot Jobs for Flight School Graduates

Pilot Jobs for Flight School GraduatesThe earning potential for flight school graduates varies greatly depending on the industry. Airline pilots’ earnings’ are amongst the highest in the country and depend on the pilots’ rank, experience, aircraft type and the size of the airline. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers are expected to grow about as fast as the average for all occupations. Regional airlines and low-cost carriers will present the best opportunities; pilots attempting to get jobs at the major airlines will face strong competition.

Pilots attempting to get jobs at the major airlines will face strong competition, as those firms tend to attract many more applicants than the number of job openings. Applicants also will have to compete with laid-off pilots for any available jobs. Pilots who have logged the greatest number of flying hours using sophisticated equipment typically have the best prospects. For this reason, military pilots often have an advantage over other applicants.

The report below is written by Angela Ballard.
Jobs in the aviation industry span a wide range of skill sets and experience levels; for those leaving the military, according to CNN Money and PayScale.com’s list of great careers in 2011, Aviation Program Management and Airline Pilot are two of the best careers to pursue.

The median pay for Aviation Program Managers is $115,000 and the 10-year job growth rate is approximated at 7%. Depending on what your military experienced entailed, you may not even need project management certification.
For veteran military pilots, the CNN report states that there are a few reasons why becoming a commercial pilot is appealing. Flying a commercial aircraft provides a family-friendly environment that is great for pilots with young children. A career as a civilian pilot means most of your time will revolve around flying (while rising in military ranks generally means flying less). Though there are over a million pilots in the US already (you can find a pilot in the FindTheBest database), the 10-year job growth is approximated at 8%, which is an addition of about 60,000 jobs.
Switching to a civilian pilot career means getting an FAA flight certification; the protocol for converting a military certification depends on the type of aircraft you flew. AviationSchoolsOnline.com is a great resource for finding VA approved flight certification programs. FindTheBest also has a database of FAA Medical Examiners to make finding an examiner, to issue or reissue a pilot medical certificate, as easy as possible. Jobs in the aviation industry are growing, and for those with the incredible training and experience the military provides, a career in aviation is a great option.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to start your airline pilot career, wait no more. According to Boeing, the world’s airlines, both in established and emerging markets, will require over 450,000 new commercial pilots to fly the aircraft currently on order with the major manufacturers. Here’s the company’s breakdown of where those airline jobs will be based:

  • Europe – 92,000+
  • Asia Pacific – 183,000+
  • China – 72,000+
  • North America – 82,000+
  • Latin America – 41,000+
  • Middle East – 36,000+
  • Africa – 14,000+
  • Russia/CIS 9,800+

In the airline business, seniority is everything. The sooner you start, the more seniority you’ll earn. Source

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