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What To Know About Flight Training Degree Program

What To Know About Flight Training Degree ProgramChoosing a flight training school is not an easy task. After looking at a variety of brochures and websites, they all start to look the same. It becomes difficult to separate good a flight school from those who are simply good at selling themselves.

Besides the obvious items such as location, type of aircraft, and availability of student loans, there are many other items to consider when selecting your flight school. Often these items are not in the brochures aviation flight training colleges send out to you.

Regardless of which aviation flight training college you choose, you still will leave with the required FAA certificates for your career in aviation. That’s assuming that the flight school uses a structured syllabus, you apply yourself and never forget your part of that equation. However, choosing a good flight school can make your flight training experience enjoyable, as opposed to a tedious task.

Here is a partial list to help you ask questions to select the best aviation school for your flight training:

  • Size of your classes
  • A list of charges not included in the package price – and there always are items like this. That’s normal, because not everyone learns at the same rate.
  • Average age and experience of the educational team.
  • The general weather conditions in the area. This means you should watch for words like “365 days of sunshine.” Is the weather comfortable to learn in and how much time each day is really flyable?
  • Are you paying for flying time only, and if not what are the other costs that will impact the total expense and speed at which you complete your training?
  • Many career schools claim to have connections with an airline or even several airlines. This is something that often is not valuable to you.
  • The airline industry is in a state of constant change – it is nearly impossible to tell who will be hiring when you are done with your education and finished building your flight experience.
  • Be careful of the guaranteed interview, and never pick a school for the so-called guaranteed job. This may not be a wise investment of your money; it may just be a marketing effort by the school. Be sure to ask how many students got interviews, jobs and how long it took them to get hired. 
Flight Training Degree Program at Aviator College

It is highly recommended candidates visit the college and complete an interview with Admissions. Click on the “Schedule a Visit” on learn more.

1. Complete the Online Application & Deposit Form, Your deposit will be held on your student account and will secure your enrollment date.
2. All students submit a $500.00 deposit.
3. International students will be issued the I-20 upon receipt of the online application & deposit form. There is an additional $500 deposit for visa processing. Your I-20 will be issued. When you receive the I-20, please take it to the U.S. Embassy in your country for approval. Please inform the school of your arrival date and flight information two weeks prior to arrival. A school representative will meet you at the airport to welcome you to the USA and Aviator College.Remember we must have a complete physical address in order to have a courier service deliver the I-20.
4. Submit all required eligibility documentation including, an “official transcript” stamped, sealed and sent directly from all colleges attended, copies of any pilot certificates received, college entrance examination scores (ACT, SAT, CLAST or equivalent), TOFEL scores (if required), a 500 word essay entitled “Why I Want To Be A Pilot” and any material that will help the registrars office determine eligibility for enrollment and transfer credit. Note you may send an unofficial transcript for planning purposes, however the college must have an official transcript on file before the start of classes. You may email, fax or mail these documents.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the college at 772-672-8222.

IMPORTANT! Arrive at the Campus early enough allow time for the following before classes start:

  • Register for classes for the current semester
  • Make tuition payment for the classes registered for
  • Complete and sign the Enrollment Agreement and Housing Lease Agreement
  • Read and sign for acceptance of the College Catalog containing the policies of the College
  • Complete the Transportation Safety Administration information file, including the online test
  • Receive an identification badge to access the airport property

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