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Flight Training in Florida

Flight Training in FloridaThere are a lot of flight schools in Florida and there is a good reason for that. The people are friendly, the cost of living and taxes are low and the weather is beautiful.

Florida enjoys a sub-tropical climate that promises long summers and short, mild winters. It is perfect for year-round outdoor activities and it is also perfect for flight training. The average median temperate in central Florida is 75 degrees and the skies are clear and sunny about 280 days out of the year. No wonder they call Florida the “Sunshine State.”

Applying for Flight Training School

Not all flight schools are the same. There are over 1400 of them
in this country so there’s big selection to choose from. How do you decide which school is right for you? You need to do your homework even before you go to school.

We have outlined a few essential tips that will help you choose the right school to get your flight training degree.

Flight Training Facilities

Make sure the place is clean and well-maintained. Check the condition of the fleet and the surrounding environment. If the facility is cluttered, unattended to or even run down, chances are your training will be the same.

Fleet Condition

Are the planes new? If not, how old are they? How many planes are in the fleet? Are they properly maintained and do you have access to the maintenance logs? A training plane should be serviced after every 100 hours of flight time. It doesn’t have to be new to fly but it does have to well-maintained.

Professionalism and Pride

More than any other vocation, commercial piloting is a business of professionals. It is imperative that you keep a professional attitude at all times. So where does all this professionalism begin? It begins at flight school. Tour the facility you are considering and meet the faculty. Do they treat you professionally and respectfully? Are they proud about what they are doing? If the flight school doesn’t have a professional feeling and a business-like attitude then maybe the school isn’t right for you.

Housing Options for Flight Training Students

You are most likely going to be living away from home when you attend a flight school and housing can get pretty expensive. Take a look at housing facilities at the prospective flight school – if they even offer it. Check the local market for real estate listings, prices and availability.


Location is just as important with a flight training school as it is with a piece of real estate property. A good location with year round temperate weather conditions is a big plus – you can log more flying hours faster, get your degree quicker and be on the way sooner to your new career.

Flight Training Financing Options

Does the flight school give you a choice of payment plans or do they want all their money up front? It is important to have payment plans and options. We are still in tough economic times and that makes it even tougher for a flight school student.

Do your research. Check on all points suggested above when you are applying for a flight school. If you have question about flight training at Aviator College –contact us for details.

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