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Why FAA Safetfy Regulations are Important to Know During Flight Training

If you are aspiring to be a pilot, it is important during your flight training to pay attention to safety regulations and directives passed by the Federal Aviation Administration. Being a pilot can be a dangerous job and if operating aircraft is your dream, be sure to consider all of the factors involved.

Window Inspections

As recently as July 9, Bloomberg Businessweek reported that the Federal Aviation Administration said US operators of Boeing Co. 757, 767, and 777 aircraft must inspect or replace the forward-facing cockpit windows. There is a risk of fire caused by loose electrical connections used to heat the window to prevent ice from forming.

In the past two decades, there were only 11 reports of fire or flames. The most recent incident was on May 16 when a United Airlines 757 was forced to make an emergency landing at Washington Dulles International Airport.

The airworthiness directive is assigning operators to being with inspections within 500 flight hours, or simply install a new, redesigned window. The FAA announced the intentions for the Boeing 747’s later this year. Although there have not been any reported fires, the windows are very similar.

The directive covers 1,212 US aircraft and will cost carriers about $103,020. The directive is in effect today, July 13.

Recent Aircraft Accident

According to the Aviation Safety Network the most recent fatal accident involving a Boeing aircraft, occurred in India. A Boeing 737-800 passenger plane operated by Air India Express, was destroyed when it crashed while landing at Mangalore-Bajpe Airport.

Preliminary reports suggest that the airplane overran the runway and slid down a wooded valley, bursting into flames. There were 160 passengers and six crew members on board. Only eight occupants survived the accident.

Flight Training Safety

Safety is likely the most important aspect of flight training you will take away from flight training school. Websites like the Aviation Safety Network and the FAA can help you stay up to date with passing regulations and accident occurrences during your flight training.

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