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What Kind of Professional Pilot Program to Look for in Flight Training

Becoming a pilot is a serious career commitment. The airline industry holds very high standards for their professional pilots so it is very important to choose a flight training program that will educate you with a structured, effective curriculum.

Find an intensive and challenging flight training program that will provide what the airline industry demands of future professional pilots.

Professional Pilot Programs

There are important factors to look for when choosing a flight training school. Some of these include academic training in an organized environment, valuable ground and flight training, and a superior campus with housing facilities.

In terms of how long your professional pilot program training will last, quality flight training schools provide a minimum of 520 hours of instruction, and require at least 250 hours of actual flight. If you are training to be a professional pilot, at least 200 of those hours will be logged in a multi-engine aircraft. A good school will not log any of your flight hours in a flight simulator, or flight training device.

Aircraft & Maintenance

Generally a large fleet of aircraft is also an important factor to consider when searching for a good flight training school for you. Aviator College has a fleet of 14 multi-engine and 12 single engine aircraft.

The aircraft primarily used during training are the Beechcraft BE-76 and the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. The fleet also includes a Piper Arrow and a J-3 Cub. All aircraft are equipped for VFR and IFR flight (with the exception of the J-3 Cub, which is VFR Day only).

The aircraft are maintained in the maintenance facilities in St. Lucie County International Airport. Aviator has its own in-house maintenance facility as well, it is a 13,000 square foot environmentally approved hangar open six days a week. All maintenance technicians hold Airplane and Powerplant Certificates or better.

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