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Flight Training for your Career – Be a Pilot for Life

PilotThere are so many career opportunities out there. However, if your dream is to become a pilot, you have chosen a career path in aviation that will continue to be rewarding for the rest of your life.

Begin with flight training

Further your education and experience by attending a flight training school that will prepare you for a life as a pilot. A life of flying will give you freedom, privileges, and experiences you’ll never forget. There are five important steps to take when choosing the right flight training school:

  • Location – Choose your location with discretion, be aware of how far you will be from home and what kind of area the flight training school is located in
  • Financing – Inquire about payment, financing, Federal Student Loans, or Private Educational Loans
  • Facilities – Take a visit to the school and see what the campus is like, what the instructors are like, and what the other flight training students have to say about their program
  • Instructors – Ask to meet with an instructor and ask him about his credentials, experience, and anything else you might be unsure of
  • Training – learn about their training methods, how many flying hours are required and how they’re logged, and what kind of flight training programs they have

Structure of Certificates and Licenses

Flying a plane is no cake walk. You must pass a series of tests, log a designated number of flying hours, and obtain a series of certificates over a period of time in order to have the most freedom and usefulness as a pilot.

  • Medical Certificate – pass a physical examination administered by an FAA-authorized aviation medical examiner
  • Recreational Pilot’s Certificate – fly an aircraft for pleasure, up to 180 horsepower, 4 seats, daytime
  • Private Pilot’s Certificate – fly an aircraft for pleasure or business
  • Instrument Rating – to fly an aircraft under IFR conditions solely by using instruments
  • Multi-Engine Rating – fly an aircraft with more than one engine
  • Commercial Pilot’s License – fly an aircraft for compensation or hire

Different options

Pilots responsibilities vary greatly. They are highly trained and skilled aviation professionals who fly airplanes and are responsible for several different aspects of aviation. These include:

  • Airline Pilots carry an average of 200 passengers plus cargo for major or regional airlines.
  • Flight Engineers assist pilots, monitor and operate instruments and systems, conduct minor in-flight repairs, and assist with air traffic control and cabin crew communications.
  • Military Pilots fly under government contract, it involves combat and non-combat operations. 
  • Commercial Pilots can do many things like dusting crops, spreading seed, testing aircraft, flying passengers to cargo areas, firefighting, tracking criminals, monitoring traffic, rescuing and evacuating.
  • Air Cargo Carriers are air freight carriers, they carry cargo and equipment to designated destinations.
  • Business, Commuter, and Corporate Air-Taxi Travel are chartered aircraft services that operate on-demand.
  • Flight Instructors teach students in ground-school classes, simulators, and in planes.

Employment of aircraft pilots and flight engineers is projected to grow12 percent from 2008 to 2018. Job opportunities are more readilyavailable for experienced pilots with the regional airlines and low-costcarriers, which are expected to grow faster than the major airlines.


The retirement age for pilots is 65. After retirement, as long as you continue to pass your medical examination, you can continue to fly. Many retired pilots enjoy recreational flying just to feel the exhilaration of flying without many obligations or responsibilities.

Consider a career as a pilot. Get your flight training now and be a pilot for life.

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