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What will I Learn in Flight Training? – Taking Off in a Cessna 152

Cessna 152The Aircraft

A Cessna 152 is the most common airplane flown during the beginning stages of flight training. It is a slower plane that allows a student to get a basic understanding of flying an aircraft while they’re training to be a pilot.

It is a two-seat, high wing, aircraft with fixed tricycle landing gear. The airframe is mostly metal made but the wing tips and fairings are made from fiberglass. Most Cessna 152’s have dual controls installed. They’re about 24 feet in length with a 33 foot wingspan.

The Performance

  • Maximum speed: 126 mph.
  • Cruise speed: 123 mph.
  • Stall speed: 49mph (unpowered, flaps down)
  • Range: 477 miles
  • Extended range: 795 miles (with long-range tanks)
  • Service ceiling: 14,700 feet
  • Takeoff roll: 725 feet
  • Rate of climb: 715 ft/min

How to Take Off

Step 1

Announce your departure. It should be something like “Tower, Cessna (say the end number) requesting takeoff on runway (say the runway number).” Then the tower will clear you for takeoff. Make sure to check for traffic yourself.

Step 2

Push in the needle-like button near the top left of the yoke (the control column, or steering wheel). Check engine, RPM, and oil pressure.

Step 3

Put the carburetor heat to cold. Put flaps to 10 degrees by pulling the handle to the right of the pilot seat and pulling it up until it clicks one time. Push the throttle very lightly to get the aircraft moving

Step 4

Taxi and line up to the center of the runway. Make sure you are taking off INTO the wind.

Step 5

Push the throttle all the way forward, as you increase speed to 56 knots, ease back the yoke to put the plane in a climb attitude.

You are airborne! Now, push the yoke in slightly until airspeed reaches 70 knots.

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