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Learning To Fly With A Flight Training Device (Simulator)

Flight SimulatorsAviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology provides the most effective way of training to fly, and ensures the student receives the knowledge that is required to be a professional pilot. By employing the use of the CRJ-200 Level 5 Flight Training Device, Aviator’s Professional Pilot Program provides a hands-on training method so students can learn quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Flight Training Devices are beneficial to students because they are best-suited to teach students how to safely react in very specific in-flight situations. Training in actual instrument conditions is imperative for students in the initial stages of learning to fly. Simulators can be used by students at any level, and have varying degrees of realism.

Flight Training Devices provide students an opportunity to feel their way through a simulated flight. They will teach a student to fly the aircraft smoothly, take confident command of the instruments, as well as prepare and use a flight plan.

Many aviation schools log flight training hours in a Flight Training Device. Aviator however, logs all flight training in an actual aircraft. All simulators are used for ground training purposes only. No ground training is used for flight time towards a student’s ratings.

Simulation training is cost-effective and low-risk. Flight training students on the ground is an advantage over in an actual aircraft because it gives an instructor more freedom to teach new students maneuvers that would not be practical in the air.

It is important that students first learn on the ground how to react to certain malfunctions such as electrical, instrument, or even hydraulic system failures. Flight Training Devices also allow time for an instructor to give detailed explanations whereas it would not usually be possible in an actual aircraft.

Flight Training Devices are a fun, exhilarating, cost-effective, and low-risk way to teach students to fly. It is an extremely effective training method that would help transform even the most novice pilot into an adept, experienced, and well-trained pilot.

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