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The Passion to Propel you Through Flight Training School

Most would agree that the will to become a pilot comes from a passion for flight. A strong passion can motivate
you through the steps you will have to take on your journey.

So to cement that passion firmly in your heart why not look at the lives of others who have been successfully down the path you are traveling? Some time spent reading the great profiles in aviation’s history might just be the boost you need to get your flight career off the ground.

Orville and Wilbur Wright

In 1904 after several years of building gliders, testing propeller designs, and experimenting with wind tunnels the Wright brothers invited the media to view their flying machine. They were ignored. So with little funding and seemingly little prospect of success they kept going. And at a cow pasture named Huffman Prairie they setup shop and practiced… failing. They had hard landings, wing damage, and bodily injuries. Through it all, in the secrecy and seclusion of Huffman Prairie, they perfected their craft. In September of that year they achieved the first ever complete circle by a manned heavier-thanair powered machine and completed a re-design that allowed for much longer flights.

The brothers began to pursue government contracts for their machine. But with so much skepticism and without a demonstration the Wright brothers struggled ineffectually for three years. They were lampooned by
doubters at home and in Europe, but finally landed contracts with the U.S. Army and France under one
condition – that they successfully demonstrate the aircraft. This demonstration and their vindication
took place in Le Mans, France in August of 1908, finally securing them there place in the history of

Are not such stories inspiring? Just like the Wright brothers story there is a wealth of aviation history to
draw your inspiration from. The stories of famous men and women from aviation’s past are full of
lessons in triumph through failing, spirit, will power, and passion. Whether is it Amelia Earhart (first
woman to fly the Atlantic) or Dick Rutan (in his 1986 non-stop circumnavigation) these stories are well
worth the read for any flight training school student.

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