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Flight Training & Certification

Flight Training

Flight TrainingThe primary objective of flight training is to impart basic airmanship skills, encompassing the principles of flight and the ability to safely operate and navigate an aircraft with precision. Flight training courses comprise on-ground theory lessons and practical training in the air. Students attending flight schools will learn the basic principles of flight, meteorology, flight rules and regulations. In addition, flight school students will be trained in navigation, radio communications, and the use sophisticated instruments, systems and other equipment.

Flight schools are principally divided into FAA-approved (Part 141) and non-approved (Part 61) schools, based on the regulations under which they operate. FAA-approved schools are periodically audited, have detailed FAA-sanctioned course outlines and must meet trainee pilot performance rates to maintain certification. Non-approved schools do not have similar requirements and cater to students who need more flexibility with lesson content and scheduling. In addition, pilots can also obtain training at nationally accredited pilot training institutions and via aviation college degree programs.

Before deciding on the most suitable type of flight school, you must assess your piloting aims, commitment level, available time and preferred training location.


Once the basics of airmanship are mastered, student pilots can then embark on certification courses that license pilots for various flying activities. The certificate system coupled with a set of add-on ratings specify the type of aircraft that pilots may fly and whether or not they can fly for hire, in inclement weather or carry passengers.

FAA licensure tests for graduates of flight training schools require that candidates meet several basic criteria. These depend on the type of license or add-on rating in which you are interested. Besides meeting age and physical criteria, graduates of flight schools must also ensure that they have completed the minimum number of hours of flight experience.

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