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5 Questions to Help You Decide if Pilot Career is for You

Flight SchoolThe most obvious benefit of an aviation career and serving as an airline pilot is the flying. Any pilot can attest to the joy of commanding an aircraft and assuming the responsibility for, and the challenge of, operating a multi-million dollar aircraft with the trust of its passengers. The love of flying keeps the weathered days sunny. If this seems like a match for your career goals, your aspirations, and your sense of adventure, then begin your journey and start flight training.

Learning to fly an airplane is fun, easy, and a mission possible in most people’s case. Av8er from iflyasa recommends the following 5 questions that help you decide whether pilot’s career is the for you:

  1. Motivation – What do I need to learn how to fly for; pleasure, business or as a career?
  2. Location -Where should I go get my flight training done?
  3. Source – What type of flight training provider would be best for me?
  4. Scheduling – Full time, part time, formal or informal, what type of scheduling would work the best for me?
  5. Financial – How am I going to pay for my training? Would I need financial aid, student loan, personal loan, or some other type of financial assistance?

The reason you should ask these questions to yourself is because it helps you chose the right program, and also helps you understand the budgets and time / effort commitment required. I’ll give you some ballpark numbers here to think about:

If you want to learn how to fly for pleasure, you are looking at about a total of 60-70 hours of flight training time, and about 40-50 hours of ground studies, and to get the best bang for the buck, you should expect about 10-12 hours of training time per week. If it is for pleasure, then you really can simply take the training at your own convenience, or go to one of those vacation / accelerated training places with or without your family. Cost of the training will depend on many variables, like when, where and which aircraft. But for most people, you are looking at about $6000 to $10,000 price range. Of course, there are ways to make it cheaper as well as luxurious and high end as well.

For business reasons, the basic training as above is still required, but what changes is the motivating factor, and possibly some tax advantages, both for training and then actually renting / owning an aircraft and the related cost factors (operating expenses).

Where to Get Your Flight Training?

There are plenty of venues and facilities to get your flight training. The choice is yours based on your dedication, time availability, budget and commitment to become a pilot:

  • Local Flight Training School
  • Flying Club
  • CFI ( independent Flight Instructor)
  • Formal Accredited Flight Training Institutes,
  • Military Academies
  • Aviation College or University Program
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