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How To Get Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Commercial Pilot CertificateIt starts with a dream. You fascinated by planes and the technology, you like the uniform and you practice to speak like a pilot. If flying is truly your passion and you want to make your dream a reality, then it is time for flight training.

An student blog post from Flight School Blog offers the following chronological order of steps to get that coveted Commercial Pilot License.

First Flight Lesson – find a school and start lessons.

FAA Medical – you get your FAA approved medical checkup, and usually if it is your first FAA medical the doctor will also issue you a Student Pilot Certificate.

Student Pilot Certificate –  usually issued by the medical examiner (see above)

SOLO – big day, your first time that you get to fly by yourself. You must have your medical, student pilot license and your instructors endorsement and supervision when this is done.

PRIVATE PILOT LICENSE – (PPL) you can not rent a plane and fly with passengers. You can only fly in VFR (visual flight rules)conditions (good visibility – by reference of the outside)

Instrument Rating – (IFR) the instrument rating is training so that you can fly the airplane by reference of instruments, in other words you now are licensed to fly in conditions where the visibility is below VFR minimums – you now have to abide by IFR (instrument flight rules)

this is the license that will make it legal for you to fly for hire ( get a job flying , charge for flights)

Certified Flight Instructor – (CFI) with your CFI license you can teach others the PPL and CPL

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument – (CFII)
with this addition you can teach the instrument rating

Multi Engine Instructor – (MEI) this edition lets you teach in Multi Engine Airplanes

Airline Transport Pilot – (ATP)
in order for you to become a Captain for an Airline you must have your ATP license.

To achieve your CPL, you must stay on top of your flight program with all your assignments. Responsibility in the flight school classroom leads to responsibility as a pilot in the skies.

Welcome to your new life as a future commercial pilot – Happy Flying!

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