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Facts and Tips for Flight Training Students

Facts About Flight Training Have a passion for flying? Now is the best time to go to flight training school. Location is an important thing to consider when you are looking for a flight training school. What state the school is in and what the weather is like is critical for your getting your commercial pilot license. Here are some facts and tips to help you choose the right school for your flight training.

5 Facts About Flight Training

  • FACT: The current recession has created fierce competition for jobs in all industries. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to start your flight training in an industry that has tremendous potential!
  • FACT: Airline jobs are not going away, the demand is beginning to increase. For many current airline pilots, the mandatory retirement age is approaching!
  • FACT: The FAA is now taking a more serious look at airline pilot flight training. This is forcing the airline industry to take a harder look at candidates for pilot replacements!
  • FACT: Professional Pilots must now have first-rate knowledge and continually upgraded skills if they want to hear the word “Hired!” Pilots who train at quality aviation schools and who possess the technical knowledge, first-rate flying skills and a professional attitude will have the hiring edge!
  • FACT: Professionalism and knowledge are now prerequisites for entrance into the worldwide airline industry. Fast paced, “fast track” programs, or self-study courses will not meet the new airline industry standards.

Q and A for Future Flight Training Students

Where can I get flying lessons?
To find the top flight schools in the United States, visit flight school directories at the following websites: pilotjourney,
Bestaviation, aopa, and aviationschoolsonline.

All of these directories offer a search by zip code, city, state or name of the school. Choose a couple of schools first so you can compare. Do your research, call and talk to the instructors, visit the school if possible and then decide what flight school will give the best education for your money.

Is It Hard to Learn to Fly?
If you have the passion, the skill will come. People of all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities have learned to fly. It’s fun, and from the beginning of your training, you get to do most of the actual flying! On the practical side—While flying isn’t a difficult skill to learn, you’ll have to be willing to stick with it until you meet all the requirements.

Is Flying safe?
A well-built and well-maintained aircraft flown by a competent and prudent pilot is as safe or safer than many other forms of transportation. Flight schools aircraft are also highly maintained.

What is the difference between a recreational pilot’s certificate and a private pilot’s certificate?
As a recreational pilot, you have to fly within 50 nautical miles of the airport where you learned to fly, you have to fly during the day, and you can’t fly in airspace where communications with air traffic control are required. You are better off just getting your private pilots license. It will only take you a couple more hours. A private pilot doesn’t have these limitations. It usually takes fewer lessons to get a recreational pilot’s certificate than a private pilot’s certificate. Some flight schools do not offer the recreational pilots certificate.

Now is the best time to go to flight training school. The economy is improving and the commercial pilot job market is opening up. By 2011, experts predict the commercial aviation business will be booming again.

FAFSA – or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is your first step for flight school financing. Use it to apply for federal student financial aid, such as the Pell Grant, student loans, and college work-study. Most states and schools use FAFSA information to award their financial aid. Visit FAFSA website for more information.

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