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Inside The Cockpit of a Boeing 767

This is a good peek into the cockpit of an American Airlines 767 as it takes off at JFK Airport in New York City. You will notice the pilot always repeats what the air traffic control (ATC) says so there will be no room for error. You also hear the word “heavy” being used. This is an alert so air traffic controllers will provide extra spacing behind very large aircraft. Any flight training student or flying enthusiast will enjoy this short film. We included highlights of the dialogue between the pilot and ATC.

Announcer: Traffic at JFK is heavy this Monday morning and traffic controllers tell Flight One to get in line.
ATC: American One heavy…taxiway…you’ll follow British Airways…the 747…19-1…hold on…
American: OK, we’ll follow British Airways…19-1….American One..heavy.
Announcer: 9:20 AM and it’s hurry up and wait.
Flight Attendant:: Currently…about 9 aircraft ahead of us so we should be on our way in the 15 to 20 minutes.
Announcer: Traffic, like weather, is one of the many things American can’t control. But a few minutes later, Flight One finally gets the green light.
ATC: American One heavy cleared for take-off.
American: Cleared for take-off…31 left…American One heavy.
Announcer: Captain Peterson opens the throttle and 148 tons of aircraft go thundering down the runway. The 767 covers 6,000 feet of concrete going from 0 to 165 MPH in less than 30 seconds. At 9:38 AM the 9:00 flight takes off.
ATC: Over departure, American One have a good day.

Flight training students will see more films like this when they are in flight training school. They will experience the real thing when they graduate. This film is courtesy of CNBC.

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