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5 Reasons a British Flight Student Should Go to a Flight Training School in Florida

British FlagThe British are coming! They are coming to Florida flight training schools from all over the United Kingdom. While England has some good aviation schools, there are many motivating reasons for a British flight student to get his or her education across the pond today.


Location is an important consideration when you are looking for a flight training school. What the weather is like is a major factor for getting a commercial pilot license. Good weather allows you to log more flying hours faster, get your degree quicker and be on the way sooner to your new aviation career.

The average total annual sunshine in the United Kingdom is 1339.7 hours (55 days.) Although the south coast of England has clearer skies, counties like Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex and Kent have annual average totals of only 1,750 hours of sunshine per year – or 72 days.

Florida has a sub-tropical climate with long summers and short, mild winters. The average median temperate in central Florida is 75 degrees and the skies are clear and sunny almost 300 days of the year and that makes it ideal for flight training.


It is a good time to train in Florida for financial reasons. The weaker U.S. dollar means the British pound will get you more for your money. Tuition is less expensive in the U.S. than at a comparable flight school in England and the cost-of-living will be less expensive, too.


England has many reputable aviation schools. One school is over 80 years ago – it was founded in 1926. But age doesn’t necessarily translate into a quality aviation education. Technology is constantly changing in this industry and Florida flight training schools have the most up-to-date facilities and equipment in the world. Many of the world’s best flight instructors reside in Florida, too – and some even come from England. True – British aviation schools are older than their Florida counterparts but there are Florida flight schools that were founded 10, 20, even 30 years ago – and that’s more than enough time to give you a world-class education.

F-1 Visa

If you have decided to get your flight training in Florida, make sure the school has an F-1 visa program. This program is designed for the international student who not only wants to receive FAA certificates and ratings, but also to stay on as a flight instructor to build flight time towards the ATP (Airline Transportation Pilot) Certificate.

Civil Aviation Authority

Many flight schools in Florida use the same high training standards that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recommends. The CAA is the British equivalent of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the two agencies share many of same guidelines although the FAA is a larger organization. The Civil Aviation Authority was established to provide cost effective, efficient air trafic control over British airspace and maintain and improve safety standards.

If you are a British citizen considering a career as a commercial pilot – these are a few good reasons to choose a flight training school in Florida.

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